Samir Patel and Sabiha Patel

Hi Little Hands Team,
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for looking after my daughter Anaya Patel.
You have planned so many great activities, field trips, and your teaching style really engages the kids to get them pumped up and excited about learning.
It’s was wonderful to see Anaya coming home in a very happy and relaxed mood with wonderful things to talk about her day and eager to share what she has learned.
I appreciate all your hard work and the positive learning environment you provide to her for three years.

Thank you Sunaina. You have made a great difference for both of our kids because you care so much about them, you have directed them to trust themselves in all that they do and to become all that they dream.

With Sincerest appreciation,
Samir Patel and Sabiha Patel

Jins Joseph

It was an honour to attend my daughter's graduation ceremony at The Little Hands. It was well organized and had a great positive impact on my little princess. I believe that by receiving the certificate she realized that she was growing up and boosted her self esteem and positive attitude towards attending the school. We are very grateful to Sunaina and all the teachers of the Little hands in organizing such a great event that implanted self-esteem and confidence in children's life. Thanks a lot, Little Hands...


I am amazed at how my son is developing his learning and awareness of certain situations. I am finding Felise more confident and playful with other children at home and when we go places. This experience for me as a first-time parent has been surprisingly awesome because I have learned along the way good knowledge on healthy methods for lunch and also parenting at home to keep my son on a good routine as we did not have one at the start. I am also getting more time to do something for myself, as I am a single mum and knowing that my baby is in good hands. Thank you so much to all school teachers for the continuous support and tips on parenting. He is more active with playing and is cheerful during playtime.

Muhammad and Chloe

Little Hands Childcare and Early Learning Centre is the best place for my kids because all the staff is well educated fully trained as professional caring, Helpful, willing to do the extra mile, very friendly with all the kids and parents. We have been Eijaz very comfortable with them. They notice every minor things related to Eijaz and we glad to find Little Hands Childcare & Early Learning Centre. We got very good experience with them. We would say Little Hands ChildCare is the best. My expectations are all met. I wanted to see my baby happy, healthy, and around nurturing teachers.


I have noticed that Phoenix is a happier child at home. Phoenix is a lot more alert and active since starting daycare. She is more willing to leave home in the morning. She is more curious now and I am hoping that Phoenix will learn and become accustomed to a regular routine. I am hoping that Phoenix will eventually start sleeping regularly in the cot. I would like Phoenix to be able to learn through play. I would Phoenix to be able to have a messy play, as she doesn't get to do this much at home. I would like her to get used to and learn to play with other children. Regular cuddles please as I know she loves cuddles. I would like some information about anything I could do at home to help with her learning/routine at daycare. I would like to see her work (artwork).

Dupinder Kaur (Mother)

I just wanted to let you know how happy we have been with the kindy since Simarleen and Prabhleen started in June 2019.  
We both parents Dupinder Kaur and Sukhwant Singh are delighted to share our appreciation for Little Hands Kindergarten with you. Our both daughters, Simarleen and Prabhleen, arrived at Little Hands a year & a half ago. Our experience with Little Hands has been positive all along, from the minute when we went to the centre to have an inquiry about an enrollment procedure. 
We came to New Zealand 2 years ago and it was really hard for us to choose the best early child care centre for our both daughters. At that moment Simarleen was around 3.5 years and Prabhleen was about 1.5 years of age. After choosing this centre I must say this is a wonderful daycare where the kids receive the best education, love & care they can get at that age. 
Prabhleen and Simarleen are always happy to go to Little Hands & finds it hard to leave sometimes at the end of the day. Both the kids are always excited to walk in & would have been happy to stay longer if there was an option after pm:-). It’s amazing to see how the kids are always occupied till the last minute with so much care, reading, playing, or singing. The kids are constantly engaged in creative activities, handcrafts, and the school is decorated with their beautiful creative artwork. The kids share a very relaxed, calm environment with structure, discipline & manners. We are very happy with Simarleen’s writing & reading progress & feel she is ready for school this year.

The teachers in Little Hands, I Dupinder proudly mention their names Sunaina, the Director she is always helpful to us and to our kids. The rest of Pawan, Sukhdeep, Thilini, Mafu, Reema, and Voni are always friendly, cooperative & smiley. They fill us in with details about Simarleen and Prabhleen day, every day, which makes us feel part of the centre & not just carers. Whenever we arrive, we are always asked about our day or how we feel & find the staff very professional & dedicated to their work & the kids. They are always up to date with the latest research & information.
As parents, we are updated regularly via emails & newsletters, which allows us to communicate freely & in our own time. We feel fortunate that our daughters are part of Little Hands.
Thank you all for such a wonderful treatment.



Our experience with Little Hands Childcare has been one full of delight.  The owner and the staff are extremely pleasant to deal with, they have always been there for our son Jagfateh, soon turning 3 years old!  He started kindy when he was about 9 months old and thanks to Little Hands Childcare; he's developed beyond our expectations!  He started crawling; within the first week of commencing kindy and continues to surprise with all the material that he learns at childcare.  He's made a strong bond with his peers and the teachers.  We would highly recommend Little Hands Childcare to all the parents seeking a childcare provider.

Landi Ki

It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for Little Hands Preschool. I have 2 little babies currently attending Little Hands Preschool. My oldest who is now almost 4 years old started just before her 2nd birthday and my youngest baby who is now almost 2 started at 5months. My family and I have always found the centre and staff outstanding. All the staff are so friendly and show genuine interest in the children. I get an update on the daily about what and how the day went and if there were any issues they would immediately be brought to my attention. The staff are also very receptive to feedback from parents and are always happy to make changes to support the safety and well-being of my children. 
Little Hands early education program greatly supports my kids learning. My almost 4 years old knows all her letter sounds and numbers from 1-10 in English, Te Reo Maori, and Samoan. They also go the extra mile in picking up on the children’s interests and turning them into educational opportunities. My children especially enjoy their annual Field Trips to Ambury Farm and the Zoo. 
In conclusion, I would recommend Little Hands Preschool to anyone looking for quality, well-resourced childcare with top-notch staff who will love and nurture your child. 
Thank you Little Hands Preschool. 
You’re hard work and dedication to your students are greatly appreciated

Saheed Salman

On 24th January 2020 we celebrated my daughter, Jemimah's, graduation at little hands childcare. The staff made Jemimah feel very special on this very special day. They have prepped her well for transitioning into primary school and she has learned so much from the amazing staff of little hands. Jemimah was so happy with the way her graduation ceremony made her feel special and get a sense of true achievement. We thank the team of little hands for all they have done for Jemimah.

​​​​​​​Waitonga Seumanu

Kia ora koutou,
I just wanted to say that Payton's Graduation was fantastic. We really enjoyed the slide show and I know she felt amazing wearing the Graduation Korowai.
Thank you for putting that on for her.
Kind Regards,

Aniva Grace

"Little Hands Childcare has provided a thriving environment for my baby to learn, interact, and play. It's never easy during the first few days or months starting daycare, but gradually he has become familiar with his environment, peers, and kaiako - this is evident during drop-offs, he would wave and say goodbye to me while he goes and play with the toys or interact with his favorite teachers. My baby's teachers have come to know and learn more of his personality and how he interacts and communicates, and at the same time will develop his learning inside the classroom"