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At Little Hands Childcare and Early Learning Centre we consider a child's early years to be extremely important and it is our role to provide children opportunities to learn and grow.

We believe that children learn through play and this play arises from their daily life experiences. So we believe that our role as teachers is to give all the children equal opportunities to explore and to reach their maximum potential through challenging environment.

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Why Choose us

"I am amazed at how my son is developing his learning and awareness of certain situations. I am finding Felise more confident and playful with other children at home and when we go places. 


"Little Hands Childcare and Early Learning Centre is the best place for my kids because all the staff is well educated full trained as professional caring, Helpful, willing to do extra mile, very friendly with all the kids and parents. 

- Muhammad and Chloe

"I have noticed that Phoenix is a happier child at home. Phoenix is a lot more alert and active since starting day care. She is more willing to leave home in the morning. 



The focus of our programme is based on children’s current interest, dispositions, skills and parent and whanau aspirations. We strive to give children an environment that helps them to grow as a competent, capable and confident learner on their individual pace according to their unique, individual way. Programmes are evaluated on a regular basis and are founded on the guiding principles of Te- Whariki, the Early Childhood Curriculum of Ministry of Education.

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