Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our FAQs page for answers to commonly asked questions related to childcare. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly staff.

Below are some Childcare FAQ

How do you settle a new child?
Enrolling your child into a childcare centre is a very sensitive issue and could be stressful too. Our staff make sure that this transition period should go very smooth for both child and family. We always advise parents to bring their child/children for a visit prior to attending. We will ensure that at least one of the staff member spends some time with the child to make him/her feel secure. Remember our staff is experienced with comforting the unsettled child and will always do their best to make the child comfortable and help the child to build a trusting relationship with his/ her primary caregiver.

How would you follow the child’s routines?
Parents would be given a ‘Getting to know me’ Sheet to fill before starting so that teachers could work on the same routines such as eating requirement, sleeping, behaviour. Though this routine changes as the child grows and teachers keep parents informed if there is any change in child’s routine.

Can parent stay with the child for some time?
Parents are encouraged to stay with their child/children to settle them into the centre. Prior to start the child care we encourage parents to bring the child for centre visits so that child/children could get familiar with the staff and the environment.

Can child/ children bring their own toys from home?
Child / Children may bring their own named special cuddly or bedtime toy from home during the settling in period. But we don’t encourage children to bring their toys from home as we got enough toys and resources to explore for your child.

Do parents need to provide food for the child?
We have a cook employed to supply the children with nutritious and well-balanced lunches, morning and afternoon teas. All meals are provided in a group environment where children are encouraged to develop self- help skills and they get opportunities to mix and socialize with others. A copy of our menu is available for your inspection. If your child has special dietary requirements, please let us know.
If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to call us any time and discuss your queries. Our friendly staff is more than happy to make this transition period smooth and happy for you, your child and your family.