We at Little Hands Childcare and Early Learning Centre believe that as a care and education institution, it is our mission to provide a safe, secure, happy and stimulating learning environment for the tamariki (children) to explore and learn. We believe that our tamariki are powerful, capable, confident and independent learners. Therefore we believe in providing a purposeful and responsive learning environment that enables the tamariki to enhance these lifelong skills.


We at Little Hands Childcare believe in the power and value of whānau (family), parents are the first kaiako(teachers) of their tamariki, and therefore we aim to establish strong partnerships with parents and whānau based on mutual trust, respect with honest and open communication.  We recognize how precious each individual tamariki is to their family and the amount of trust it takes whānau to leave their tamariki in our care, we, therefore, have very meaningful relationships with parents and whānau, and we try to be as supportive as possible. We strive to provide quality childcare and education for all the tamariki in our care with a strong essence of family. Our motto at Little Hands Childcare is “We are family”.   We enjoy a lot of cultural celebrations throughout the year to promote respect and tolerance of other cultures from a young age for our tamariki and for the kaiako and whānau to connect by sharing what values are important to them. 

We at Little Hands Childcare and Early Learning Centre believe in the value of spiritual well being, and therefore we provide healthy and nutritional meals. We also keep in mind that spiritual well being is about connecting to oneself and others around them. We provide our children with opportunities to enjoy yoga, dance, and sports lessons. 

We at Little Hands Childcare and Early Learning Centre, we respect and value the Te Tiriti o Waitangi (Treaty of Waitangi) therefore we believe by providing activities, Stories, and events that celebrate and foster the Maori and all other cultures, this practice will strengthen partnership and participation between the centre, the children, whanau and the wider community. Opening the doors for all children to learn and gain knowledge of our rich bi-cultural, multicultural nation through Te-Whaariki (Curriculum).

We believe that in order for all these components to compliment and work cohesively together in order to achieve positive learning outcomes for all our tamariki, our Kaiako (teachers) are a valuable resource.Our teaching team believes in continual education and growth and therefore we attend a multitude of professional training and development sessions to ensure that we are aware of the latest research and developments within the early years.