Our Philosophy | Little Hands


At Little Hands Childcare and Early Learning Centre we believe that children learn through play and this play arises from their daily life experiences. So we believe that our role as teachers is to give all the children equal opportunities to explore and to reach their maximum potential through challenging environments.

We believe today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders and we see children as powerful, capable, confident and independent learners. We are committed to provide a purposeful and caring environment based on the children’s interests/ideas to stimulate creativity and thinking and enable children to work collaboratively with others

At Little Hands Childcare and Early Learning Centre we believe that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. To ensure this we provide every child with nutritional meals during his/her stay at the centre.

At Little hands childcare and early learning centre as a team we value relationships. We have a vision to establish and maintain an ongoing partnership through having a responsive, reciprocal and interactive relationship with children, staff, family/whānau and the wider community.

At the Little Hands childcare and Early Learning Centre, we respect and value the Te Tiriti o Waitangi (Treaty of Waitangi) therefore we believe by providing activities, Stories and events that celebrate and foster the Maori and all other cultures, this practice will strengthen partnership and participation between the centre, the children, whanau and the wider community. Opening the doors for all children to learn and gain knowledge of our rich bi-cultural, multi-cultural nation through Te-Whaariki (Curriculum).